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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Lane Tollett who was killed in action on April 28, 2007, Baghdad, Iraq.  Lane was a loving son, brother, nephew and cousin of a very close family.  He was also a lasting friend to many, many more.  

Lane was the kind of person that if you had the pleasure of meeting, you would never forget.  He was geniune, down to earth and had one of the sweetest, deepest voices a man could ask for.  He was the epitome of "cool", and he will be missed far beyond any of our comprehension.  Simply, if you knew Lane Tollett, you were a better person for it.

Please post pictures, video & comments about Lane.  This website is permanent and your contributions to it will remain for eternity. 

Thank you to everyone who donated their time, effort , and contributions to the Scoreboard Memorial that was dedicated on September 28, 2007 at Elyria Catholic's Homecoming Game.

Remember and honor Lane by wearing an engraved memorial bracelet!  These bracelets are for men and women both and are very nice in person!  Not only will you be showing your support for Lane but also for charities that support the families of Victims of Terrorism and Military Casualties fighting the war on Terrorism.  Just click on the link below, select KIA on the black toolbar then click on Iraqi Freedom.  Lastly, click on S-U to find Lane's name.

WANTED:  In the spirit of Lane's gift for storytelling, we are collecting stories about Lane!

Francis Stuart, father of Joel, would like you to send any stories that you have about your times with Lane...funny or otherwise to his home email address  He will be compiling the stories into a lasting collection.
Printed copies will be given to both parents and will be distributed via email to all those who contribute.
Place in the subject matter the following: " A Lane Story."  The format of the collection will include your name, email address and the story.  Please indicate if you would like to remain anonymous. Word attachments are also welcome.  

We encourage your contribution as this is a very special gift to his family....



Tributes and Condolences
Memorial Day!   / Kelly Kudla (Friend)
Just thinking of you on Memorial Day, as I do always and realizing how truly precious life is and sharing it with wonderful people like you. You showed great strength through your courage as a man of faith and you showed us a Hero our Country could b...  Continue >>
I'll Be Missin' You   / Kelly Kudla (Friend)
I'll Be Missing You [Written and Produced by: Puff Daddy] [Intro: Puff Daddy] Every day I wake up, I hope I'm dreamin' I can't believe this shit Can't believe you ain't here Sometimes it's just hard for a nigga to wake up It's hard to just ke...  Continue >>
Remembering you on Memorial Day 2018   / Austin Smith
Continue to Rest In Peace, Lane. You are the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. All too often we forget what this day is about. Pouring a beer out for you this weekend. Godspeed.
8-9 YEARS   / MOM
My dearest Lane, 40 years ago today, I held a big beautiful baby boy. Bald then too, but perfect in my eyes. I wondered what you would be doing at 30-40 years old. What would you become? What would you look like (besides handsome)? Well, you turned o...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday   / Don Tollett (Brother)
Well Ben is at the age now when he is asking the more detailed questions about you. He almost broke me the other day when we were talking about birthdays and he asked about yours. When I told him it was going to be today, a very concerned look came o...  Continue >>
Remembering you Lane this Memorial Day  / Rhonda Rhodes Craig Sehon's Mom (visitor)    Read >>
blueberries in the valley  / Angela Tollett (Cousin-in-law)    Read >>
work sucked today  / Grant Cone (Friend)    Read >>
It's Been a Year  / Kelly Kudla (Vitovitz) (Friend)    Read >>
Barren / Kelly Kudla (Vitovitz) (Friend)    Read >>
love / Lesley (girl)    Read >>
4-28-08 / David Hatch     Read >>
One year goes by...  / Marti Sparks (MOM)    Read >>
Raining down  / Allison Draper (Friend)    Read >>
Your the man  / Grant Cone (Friend)    Read >>
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