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In memory  / Michele Fentriss (Ben Cone's mother-in-law )  Read >>
In memory  / Michele Fentriss (Ben Cone's mother-in-law )

Lane - Three years have passed but I know that for your loved ones it seems like 3 minutes.  I hope they know that you are not forgotten.  Thank you for serving our country and for making sure peace will prevail.  I hope my son Seth found you in heaven and you are both watching over your family and ours.  I hope your Supreme Commander gave you the day off from keeping heaven all secure so you and Seth can get in a game of hockey.  If we hear thunder then we know one of you scored a goal. 

Blessings Soldier.  Michele

3 years  / Marti (Mom)  Read >>
3 years  / Marti (Mom)

My dearest Lane it's 1:00am 4/28/2010. There's a full moon out I can't sleep again and I'm thinking about you. It's a pretty night and I wonder...when was the last pretty evening you got to actually look at the moon relax and enjoy it? So many things have happened in 3 short years yet you've seen everything being an angel and all.  I know you're proud of Don he's a great Dad and Ryan just melts around Lucy and Ben. I can just hear the rivalry between you both arguing over who's the "favorite uncle".  Either way one of you would probably end up saying "not only am I the favorite I'm also the best looking!" And it would keep going from there... They're good brothers and fine young men Lane. Keep watching over us some days maybe more than others and know that every day we love you miss you and ache until we hold you again. Love Mom  XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXO



Hey / George Boesger (Cousin)  Read >>
Hey / George Boesger (Cousin)

been thinkin about for a while. everything from you messin your car up to brass monkey on the way to WWF to picking me up from karate every other saturday. you were one of my biggest heros in life and you will always continue both with your sacrifice and character. see ya.



Your Nephew  / Don Tollett (Brother)  Read >>
Your Nephew  / Don Tollett (Brother)
Hey big brother just wanted to let you know we had a big day this past Tuesday. You would have been so proud of Annie she still suprises me how tough she can be. We were told we were going to have another big baby and they weren't kidding. Benjamin Lane Tollett was born at 10:10am Jan.26th 2010. He was 10lbs 2oz. 21inches long with a full head of hair like your favorite brother. Ryan was still there through everything but I could not talk him in to staying in the room with me. Thank god Angela did  everything went so fast I almost passed out and she had to take over for me. I really wish you could be with me watching these kids grow. Lucy has been repeating everything we say now and recognizing everyone around her. It hurt so bad when I left Dad's house not too long ago and she was pointing to one of the pictures of me you and Ryan after we went golfing. She just came out and said daddy and uncle Ry and then sat there and staired for a few seconds not knowing what else to say. I really feel that my kids have been robbed of someone who should have been part of their favorite stories to tell as they grow up. We all still really miss you and wish you could be here with us. And I promise you they will still get to know their uncle Lane through the stories that we tell even if their uncle Ry stretches the truth a little. Love you big brother Close
singing / Lesley Graham   Read >>
singing / Lesley Graham

i was listening to the radio at work the other day and our song came on.  remember it?  i remember writing you an email with the lyrics and i was so nervous because i didn't know how you were going to respond to it.  you probably thought i was a little crazy but you never let on.  which made me love you even more.  cause as we both know i am a little crazy.

our song is one of many things that is a little piece of heaven for me to be my reminder of the good in our world.  it takes me back to less complicated times where everything is just the way it's supposed to be.  but life has other plans for us.

i need your grace to remind me to find my own.   those three words. ily.


just missing you  / Annie   Read >>
just missing you  / Annie

hey lane

just sitting here feeling sad.  i've been thinking about you a lot lately.  how different things would be if you were around.  it's football season and I know you'd be all jazzed.  michigan is doing well- not that I really have been watching. don's been wearing all your michigan stuff. don and I are getting settled out here in ohio and it would be so great if you could come by.  you would be done in the army by now and busy getting on with your life.   i think it's been good for don to be around some old friends again but you know it's just not the same.  having ryan close has been nice for us too.  every time we say "uncle" she yells "Ry!" I don't know why she always wants to yell it. but it is cute.  ryan is so sweet to her.    lorain county lost another soldier the other week.  it is really terrible to know another family is going through this.  and it makes it all really fresh again.  your picture was in the paper with the other guys from around here.  you were looking good.  everyone is proud of you. we love you lane.

Cone Here  / Karen Cone (Parent of Friend )  Read >>
Cone Here  / Karen Cone (Parent of Friend )


Ben & Grant's Mom wanting you to know that not a day goes by that you aren't in our thoughts. Your picture sits on our end table (the one with Ben & Grant) and we see it every day.  We met Ryan and he is the best.  This coming August, we get to meet Don, Annie and Lucy when they come for Ben and Kailah's wedding.  I believe your Dad is coming also.  Of course your Mother is coming and I have to tell you that she is the best.  Ben is doing his 2 weeks for the Army Reserves right now and is not happy.  Grant got out of it for the moment because of school.  I wish we could of met you Lane, the boys talk about you a lot and we feel cheated that we never met your.  We both wear you on our wrist as a tribute to you as a soldier and a great man.  Rest assured that you are loved by many and hold a special place in the Cone family.


Memorial Day 2009  / Marti Sparks (MOM)  Read >>
Memorial Day 2009  / Marti Sparks (MOM)

My dearest Lane, Another holiday without you and still missing you beyond words. We saw another viewing of the documentary: "Ohio Raises Heroes" yesterday and it was awesome. Yours was the first segment, which didn't show last November due to tech problems. It was awe-inspiring, gut-wrenching, sincere, painful and yet a joyous description of you and several other soldiers up there with you. It's hard to see other families suffer their loss, but at the same time, we are all united in our pride for our soldiers, and agreement that the world is a better place for having you in it. Although you left a life-time too soon, I can't explain how much your life has enriched the lives of everyone your presence touched. No, "touched" isn't even the right word, as the gaping void the size of the universe due to your loss can only be filled when we all meet you again. The memories you gave us though, fill us with a lifetime "band-aid" and the will to go on. Eight of your Army buddies visited again, and the sheer pleasure of their company, stories and (thank God) laughter will hold us over for awhile. Thanks for being you, Lane, we Love you and miss you so very, very much, Mom XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX


Today / DHatch   Read >>
Today / DHatch
Whats up Lane?  Well its been 730 days and I can honestly say that it feels like yesterday.  I have a lot of dreams where you just show up out of nowhere and I remember how happy I am in those dreams.  I wish this was a dream.  Some of your boys are going to be in E-Town to visit your family.  I wish I could be there.  When I did meet them it was easy to see the impact that you had on them.  Its always been easy to see the impact that you have had on everyone that you came in contact with.  I miss you Lane and the impact that you have had on my life has been great and will always remain.  I love you brother. Close
hey there  / Lesley   Read >>
hey there  / Lesley
hey there sweetheart. so another lacrosse season is winding down as well as my time in buffalo. who would have ever thought two years could go so quick. i guess buffalo wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be. i got a free degree and met some really amazing people along the way, who will be my friends forever. but needless to say, not a place i want to call home. there isn't a day that goes by that i don't wish things were different...that you weren't still here, and we weren't just living another "normal" day in our "normal lives". im still waiting for the phone call for groceries. i got to travel to some cool places this year, while with the team. you would have loved colorado, so gorgeous there and of course i got to see frisby. haha, oh frisby. im still not sure why you were friends with him, just kidding. i see why. i also got to see casselman, he's same old casselman. we reminisced about our trip down to raleigh and all the craziness that ensued. i still cant believe we all made it through that trip! i also got to go to ohio state. or should i say the ohio state. its not all its cracked up to be let me tell you, but i get why you love columbus. and i can see why you convinced me to move there. and as i was driving away from the stadium, talking to your dad on the phone, i look up at the intersection and where do we just happen to be...lane ave. i love you. Close
wind chime  / Annie (sister in law )  Read >>
wind chime  / Annie (sister in law )

hey there Lane,

Just sitting here thinking of you.  Lucy is on the back deck playing with the wind chimes that Libby and Josh got for Don after your funeral. She loves that thing!  We have it hanging within her reach and she makes all kinds of noise and then claps in awe of herself.

I've been playing old records for Lucy lately. She loves to dance, and she loves Loggins and Messina.  When your mom was here she told us that you and Don cracked up like crazy the first time you guys ever heard "Your Mama Don't Dance and Your Daddy Don't Rock and Roll." Lucy seems to like that song too.  She'll probably laugh too when she can understand the words.

We'll be meeting up with some of your friends soon. We are looking forward to that. They are some good guys.  They've really become like family for Don; I appreciate that.  You do know how to pick some friends.

We're going to be moving back to Ohio this summer; we're trying to figure out where we are going to live and all of that now. Ryan's home too so it should be good for all of us.

We miss you, Lane.



Wish You Were Here  / Don Tollett (Brother)  Read >>
Wish You Were Here  / Don Tollett (Brother)
Friday March 13 2009 was your nieces first birthday and also one year since your company arrived back in the states without you. This past year has gone by so fast with due to all the changes in my life. I feel like I am still waiting for you to come back home... And I am reminded on Lucy's Birthday you can't make it. I hope you are still watching her every day, she is changing so fast. It is so much fun making her laugh and playing peekaboo. Whenever I feel tired or stressed after work I get a second wind when I get home and see her smiling. She loves the outdoors already and she is starting to play catch with me in the house. Her aim is a little off but she hits her own toes every time and the ball rolls right to me. She has said a few words including mom and dad but she is not consistant with anything but "hot". She loves to read books speaking in her own language and pointing at the pictures. And she has run more than Annie has already this year. I think about you every day and I hope I am making you proud. Love you and miss you Close
sorry / Joe Tollett   Read >>
sorry / Joe Tollett
hi my name is joe and i was searching for family history and came across your site im sorry about your loss if maybee u could help me email me my grandfathers name is david feilding tollett and again sorry for your loss. Close
I still waiver  / JJ JJ (Sweetness)  Read >>
I still waiver  / JJ JJ (Sweetness)


I miss you .  It is the middle of football season, UM sucks, OSU is not performing like they should and life halts.  I find myself watching water, it trickles like time.  There will never be another connection between us in this plane of life/time.   I only hold onto the noble use that you are listening to the rest of us.  Libby and I got married in June, i'm lucky, very should have been there!  I have a feeling that you are here with me now.  Why, why, why did life turn a tsunami, why did the wave take the sound! I will find the sound, yur sound is my sound!!!!I will retreat now, and embrace my hopelesness.  I will meet you wherever we meet, keep on keepin on my MAN!  I love you and will diminish and cry until you talk again...I here the WIND!


Josh Jenkins, I LOVE LANE

we miss you  / Annie ((sister-in-law, don's wife) )  Read >>
we miss you  / Annie ((sister-in-law, don's wife) )

So, it's football season again. (for me, it's half-time shows and good junk food season)

Don bought Lucy some Michigan pajamas last week.  She is also still fitting into the Ohio State onesies her awesome Uncle Dave Hatch got her. She hasn't developed any loyalties yet.   We'll see.  

Only one NFL team for this girl, though- she's been wearing the little Browns t shirt that Ali, Tom, Colin, and Lauren all wore. Aunt Tam sent it to us. It is funny b/c it is like a 2T and lucy is only 6 months, but she is barely fitting her chubby little belly into it. (i  hope we don't traumatize her with the Browns stuff though-- Don made her wear these little brown pants that are too tight for her and left a little red ring arounf her belly, because he said, "that's the only brown  pants she has and she HAS to have brown on." She is so squishy and adorable. She is growing SO fast.

By the way, it is so funny to see Don buying this little baby girl clothes AND then fumbling around with the little buttons and snaps. He has actually cut/ ripped a few things off of her... 

You would be so proud of him, Lane. He is such a great Dad. He is alone with Lucy in the evenings when I am working and he runs with her in the stroller (he even bought a fancy jogging stroller- after a lot of research about which is best, he saw a schwinn LT model and decided that would have to be the one), plays with her, feeds her, bathes her, changes her diapers, plays the guitar for her, sings for her, plays your ipod tunes for her, cuddles her, soothes her... and  he is awesome at it.

We think and talk about you everyday, Lane. And everyday, we wish you were here.  so does lucy, she knows all about you.



Was this the date that it started...?  / Aunt Candy   Read >>
Was this the date that it started...?  / Aunt Candy

Unbroken Chain

Blue light rain, whoa, unbroken chain
Looking for familiar faces in an empty window pane
Listening for the secret, searching for the sound
But I could only hear the preacher and the baying of his hounds

Willow sky, whoa, I walk and wonder why
They say love your brother but you will catch it when you try
Roll you down the line boy, drop you for a loss
Ride out on a cold railroad and nail you to a cross

November and more as I wait for the score
They're telling me forgiveness is the key to every door
A slow winter day, a night like forever
Sink like a stone, float like a feather

Lilac rain, unbroken chain
Song of the Saw-Whet owl
Out on the mountain it'll drive you insane
Listening to the winds howl

Unbroken chain of sorrow and pearls
Unbroken chain of sky and sea
Unbroken chain of the western wind
Unbroken chain of you and me

by Bobby Petersen & Phil Lesh

rainbows... / Lesley Graham (love)  Read >>
rainbows... / Lesley Graham (love)
hey there suga. so i know its been awhile... the words still dont come easy, even though the thoughts are many. so ashlea got married the other month. it was a beautiful ceremony down on the beach, at sunset. i was so happy for her, that she found someone who makes her feel like you make me feel. as i was standing there, listening to the two of them pledge their forever's to each other, i looked up and there, in the sky was the most beautiful rainbow. the most beautiful rainbow i had ever seen. after the ceremony i asked everyone if they had seen the rainbow as well. and no one had seen it. only me. and thats when i realized.... so thank you for the rainbow. thanks for letting me know that even though i cant always see you, you are always here. and sometimes, when i need it the most, you are here, just for me. now rainbows are just another thing i can add to our list. i miss you. i love you. Close
Football Season has started  / David Hatch   Read >>
Football Season has started  / David Hatch
Well here we are again my friend...another college football season is upon us. I know that we have twelve weeks until the game we always bet on but I have to say it isn't looking good for you this year. The last 6 of 7 have been pretty tough for your boys from the state up north and it doesn't look like the streak of 4 straight will end this year. I just want you to know that this time of year has always been my favorite and talking trash with you only made it that much better. There will always be something missing on that day in November when the scarlet and gray meet the maize and blue. I miss you like hell brother. I would give anything to have you hear back with us, even if it means shaving an "M" out of my hair until I lose it all (by the way you still lost that bet).  Looking forward to watching the game with you again.  GO BUCKS! Close
LANES FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR  / Phil Tollett (uncle)  Read >>
LANES FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR  / Phil Tollett (uncle)

Lanes Favorite time of the year.


He loved this time of year. The beginning of football season!

High School,College,Pro, he loved it all. I loved my talks with him about this. When the pads go on and nobody has been beat yet, hope and enthusiasm rule your thoughts. He grew up in this mentality as I did, and its like a child waiting for Christmas.

I wish I had just one more session with you on my back steps talking football.

Lane is still with us.  / Francis Stuart (Father of Joel Stuart )  Read >>
Lane is still with us.  / Francis Stuart (Father of Joel Stuart )
Lane is still with us. This July 1 was my birthday. Joel and Mandy came to Elyria to take me and my girl friend out for dinner. We went to Moss's. Earlier that day on my way to see my Dad in EMH, I stopped, for the first time, to view Lane's grave marker. As we were waiting for our meals, I told all that I had visited the cemetery to see Lane's marker. In the back ground music was playing. As I finished my story, the song "Piano Man" came on. It sent a shiver done my back and caused me to tear up. Lane is still with us and will always be with us. Close
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